Ruda, Calvary

The Baroque calvary pilgrimage to the church of Our Lady of the Snow Hill leads along a path lined with statues of sandstone from 1760. The statues represent the 14 Passion scenes of the Cross. The twelfth stop is called Little Calvary - The Crucified between Mary and John the Evangelist is the figure of St. Mary Magdalene. Unique is 14 the scene to stop the grave. Each stop gave a different family, which is printed on the back side. Calvary was in 1963 declared a national cultural monument. On the first Sunday in August it hosts a fair. From the top is a panoramic view of the Hana fertile plain, bounded by the steep edge of the Lower Jeseníky on the east and northeast. You can see the northern part of the Drahany Highlands and Lowlands in the west. Towards the north lie the Highlands of Hanušovice and the eagle silhouette of distant mountains to the north we see the massive Hrubý Jesenik.

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