Water sports

Yachting, boating, diving.

The possibilities to provide water sports have significantly improved after the building of the Slezská Harta equalizing reservoir on the Moravice river. The large water surface with clean water, surrounded by countryside that has been very little affected by civilisation, attracts those who love fishing, bathing, and, especially, water sailing and other similar sports.

Yachting and Boat Rentals at Slezská Harta

Slezská Harta is one of the water reservoirs that offer the best conditions for yachting in the Czech Republic. In the year 2003, in the bay of the Slezská Harta reservoir, not far from the Nová Pláň village, the first sailing boat service – Yachtsport – was opened, offering also sailing courses for beginners and advanced yachtsmen. Sailing for visitors to Slezská Harta is also offered here. For more information see:


In the village of Svobodné Heřmanice, in one of the former major centres for mining roofing slate, there is a flooded quarry, which is the favourite destination for divers from all around the Czech Republic, but also from neighbouring Poland. The quarry is visible from a long distance, since it is located approximately 450 m above the sea level; it is approx. 500 m long, 50-70 m wide, and 37 m deep and access is directly into deep water; in the year 2007 a steel pier was built for open-water swimming, divers, and other holiday makers.

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